I've been working with the internet since the beginning in the early nineties. Mostly setting up servers and the like for my own use, I have occasionally done a little work online for pay.

I am currently working with a past freelance client I worked with in 2000 creating an interactive cd-rom that was a complete tutorial on the subject matter of electrocardiograms called ECG Tutor. It was succesful at the time but it is no longer available so we have decided to convert it into an online format with the goal of having something that can last in an open format that won't fall into obsolescence as quickly as the first version of the project did that we had made in Macromedia Director.

This version is very much still a work in progress. But we are beyond the point of starting.The main structure is temporarily set up on my own host using drupal as the base content management system. The theme/structure in loosely setup and the breadth of the content is transferred but the whole needs to be cleaned up alot.

But you can check out what we have done so far at:

You can find my old portfolio web site that I created back in 1998 at http://derekparr.com/retro

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