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101-B Eastwood Lake Road      Chapel Hill, NC  27514



EDUCATION:             1996 B.F.A. in Computer Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design.




            > MS Office                 > Photoshop               > Director                    > 3d Studio Max

            > Illustrator                  > Quark Xpress          > DreamWeaver         > SoftImage 3d

            > Page Maker              > Corel Draw              > Premiere                  > Flash


                        MISC. SKILLS:

            > HTML scripting         > 35 wpm                    > MS Office macro scripting

            > 3d graphics              > illustration                 > networking & computer repair

            > animation                 > video editing             > Lingo programming for Director



            Graphics Ink              919.544.5060             (March 2003 to present)

   Manage and operate the company’s digital printing services.  This involves operating a Xerox DocuTech 6135 and a DocuColor 2060. Job involves a high amount of problem solving involving both the software and hardware. Computer graphics experience and natural talents in engineering have been instrumental in getting things done right and on time.


            Today's Temporary   919.571.7410             (March 2002 to March 2003)

   Temporary work consisting of mostly copy room and printing work.  This involves operating Xerox Docutechs, 6180’s, 6135’s, 4635’s and Canon color copiers/printers like the 2400. And  also various finishing machinery such as cutters, punchers, shrink-wrappers, laminators, & binders.


            Doctor Gettes of UNC   919.966.5203         (August 2001 to February 2002)

   Freelance work on a version 2 of the previous ECG Tutor project.


            Today's Temporary   919.571.7410             (December 1998 to July 2001, fill in the holes)

   Temporary data entry and assistant admin jobs for large corporate clients such as BTI, ISA, and others.  Work has involved the creation of Excel, Access, Word, macro writing, mail merging, pure data entry, filing, phone work and assorted problem solving.  I have also mostly worked with the Division of Child Development again doing a secretary and a complaint intake position.


            Doctor Gettes of UNC   919.966.5203         (August 1999 to September 2000)

   Contract job finishing a multimedia cdrom tutorial on reading ECG's.  Job involved using Director and Photoshop and required programming and quality control to finalize the product.


            The Independent Weekly                              (May 1999 to May 1999)

   Temporary job putting ads together for the Independent as they were received from the sales staff. Work involved primarily the use of Quark and Photoshop.


            R. H. Donnelly           (August 1998 to Nov 1998)

   Graphic Production Artist, created and laid out yellow page display ads per client's specifications.


            Today's Temporary   919.571.7410             (March 1998 to July 1998)

   Temporary office job for the NC DCD.   Work involved filing and processing forms, answering caller's questions about their submissions, and training new employees.


            Home Study                                                  (January 1997 to February 1998)

   Lived off of savings for about a year, and spent the time working on demo material, developing my skills, creating a demo reel and deciding my career direction.


            Betis Service Group                                     (1996 for 4 months)

   Freelance work drafting schematics for the laying of fiber optic cables using Adobe Illustrator.



            Karen Dunn                                                   (919.662.4499)

   A/N Program Manager – NC Dpt. of Child Dev. – 319 Chapanoke Rd. - Raleigh, NC  27699-2201

            Stephen A. Vereen                                        (252.492.8702)

   Supervisor – Active Data Services  - 99 Satterwhite Point Lane - Henderson, NC  27537

CLICK HERE for a copy of my resume in MS Word doc format.